Thursday, April 27, 2017

Book of Stone: WALLACH, Javan

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Javan "Javi" Wallach

First Appearance:  Seven Deadly Sons (Stone Soldiers #7)

Description:  MOSSAD Operative

Last Known Status: At large/Whereabouts unknown

Investigating the murder of a number of retired Nazi Hunters around the world in late 2013, Agent Javi Wallach eventually found herself in Miami, Florida, where she was discovered by Detachment 1039, and recruited in their mission to track down and stop a band of werewolf-vampire hybrids created by Nazi Scientists after World War II. 

Wallach accompanied the Detachment to Antarctica and a sub-glacial, antediluvian base the Ahnenerbe and Wehrmacht had discovered in the 1930s and converted to their use as a remote thaumatological research site. 

Once the threat had been eliminated, Wallach was offered a position with the Detachment, despite her lack of any supernatural abilities or training. She declined and returned to Israel where she was fully debriefed on her supernatural activities in the United States. 

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