Saturday, May 16, 2015

Weirdology 101

Stone Soldiers is proud to sponsor a brand-new podcast, beginning May 18, 2015!

WEIRDOLOGY101 is a weekly discussion on the Paranormal, the Supernatural and all things in between. Listen to discussions about the strange, the weeks Weirdlines from around the world, Fringe Fiction recommendations and even take a spin on the Wheel of Weird where the lesser known cryptids and myths will be chosen at random and discussed. 

A father-daughter endeavor, Weirdology101 features two very different perspectives on the weird, from a 47 year old father who writes Supernatural Thrillers, and a 15 year old fangirl daughter who can't seem to peel herself away from the internet.

Tune in every Monday for a new episode of family-friendly fun and learn a little bit about the strange and unusual!


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A plethora of errors...

For those not familiar with the Error Contest at Stone Soldiers, it works like this: report an error, typo, misspelling, etc in a novel, get a free digital copy of another novel in the series.

Normally, there aren't that many errors to be found. Alas, for Book 11, One Dark Step, it's a veritable JACKPOT of errors. A new spellchecker program was used on this one.... a spellcheck that didn't point out grammatical errors. And I rushed the book to publish. Fortunately, a reader has sent in the dozens of errors and it's now being fixed. However, if you can type the sentence as it appears in your copy, you can still win a free digital version of another Stone Soldiers story--so long as you're the first to report it (not counting that aforementioned reader who hit the motherload).