Monday, April 24, 2017

Book of Stone: Templars

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First Appearance:  Spellbreaker

Description:  Anti-Supernatural Arm of the United Kingdom

Last Known Status: Infiltrated by Druidic Forces

In 1326, several conspirators attempted to kill the King of England, Edward II, by enlisting the assistance of Magician John of Nottingham. The plot failed and Nottingham and his employers were all put to death. However, in the aftermath of this incident, Edward II ordered that steps be taken to ensure no further attempt could ever succeed against the Crown by those abbling in the dark arts. 

Four years earlier, the Knights Templar were disbanded and fled Europe, many secretly seeking sanctuary in England. Several Templars were called before Edward II and were Knighted as the Order of Plantaganet. These Knights of the Crown were tasked with seeking out and eliminating those who opposed English rule by any means necessary. 

In the modern era, the Templars are a considerably larger Order, still answering to the sitting Monarch of the United Kingdom, with operatives placed around the world. The Templars absolutely do not tolerate magic or supernatural beings in any way, shape, or form. No psychic or mage is allowed within the Templar organization, although a number of thaumatological experts conduct research and craft weaponry for the Knights to use. 

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