Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Book of Stone: Joint Spectral Operations Command

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Description:  Unified Combat Command overseeing Counter-Supernatural Operations

First Appearance: Spectral Ops

Since 1947 the United States military has dedicated select units for operations against supernatural threats. In order to preserve a veil of secrecy over these operations, units such as Detachment 1039 was placed under various commands, ultimately ending up under the supervision of the Joint Special Operations Command. 

In 2015, After Detachment 1039's operations revealed the possibility of off-world bases of operation for supernatural aggressors, it was decided that a larger, dedicated structure was needed. Originally organized as Project Flare, Detachment 1039 and several other units began training for eventual deployment against organized supernatural threats or sovereignties. 

Following a successful operation on the Planet Asgard, Project Flare was reorganized and structured as a Joint Operations Command, Joint Spectral Ops Command (JSOC2), directly answering to the US Special Operations Command. 

Headquartered at Homestead Air Force Base, JSOC2 has operational Detachments around the world, including Groom Lake AFB and Hickam AFB. 

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