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Book of Stone: Island of the Damned

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(Jigoku no shima)

Description: Magical Prison for Oni

First Appearance: Spectral Ops: Island of the Damned (Fall 2017)

Last Known Status: Rumored to Exist in the South Pacific

In ancient times, the Emperor of Japan tired of the rampage of Oni (demons) in his Kingdom. Knowing no one could kill an Oni, the Emperor instead tasked his wisest sorcerers with the task of capturing and containing the Oni, so that they could be expelled from the Kingdom, never to return. 

Towards the end of the Emperor's life, success was achieved, and the Senshi Onmyoji, the Warriors of the Garden, captured every Oni in Japan and sailed as far toward the sun as they dared, eventually finding a secluded island in the South Pacific. There, laborers and sorcerers worked together to build a magical fortress-prison, binding the Oni to the island, and shrouding it in spells and wards that made it all but invisible to the outside world, and prevented any living or dead thing from ever leaving it.

When the Garden fleet returned to Japan, the Emperor ordered his Warriors to kill everyone involved in the project, to guard the secret of Jigoku no shima, thereby preventing any chance the Oni would be freed and one day able to return to Japan and wreak vengeance on the descendants of those responsible for their imprisonment. 

But one of the sorcerers who helped imprison the Oni foresaw this treachery and sent word to his peers. Word spred throughout the circles of shamans, witches and wizards around the globe, and Jigoku no shima became a legend, pursued by many for centuries, eager to enslave the captive Oni and use them for themselves. 

To this day, Jigoku no shima remains hidden...

Behind the Scenes
The third book in the Spectral Ops series, Island of the Damned sees the team traveling into the unknown as they are called to investigate strange goings on after an airplane crashes on a remote unknown island inhabited by what are first believed to be angry spirits, tormenting the survivors of the crash.

Look for Spectral Ops: Island of the Damned Fall of 2017. 

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