Monday, March 14, 2016

NEW RELEASE: "A Cold, Dark War"

 Exclusively on Kindle


Eight thrilling tales of supernatural warfare set during the five decades of the Cold War...

Evil lurks in the dark, striking at mankind in a never-ending war of attempted genocide. For centuries, heroes have stood against the forces of darkness, protecting humanity one victory at a time. But with the dawning of the 20th Century, mankind has finally gone to war...

During intense fighting in 1950 Korea, a young Army Intelligence translator finds himself accompanying an unusual detachment of soldiers deep behind enemy lines to capture a downed Soviet MiG pilot. But the Shadow Detachment, like their quarry, is more than what they seem--a rag tag band of supersoldiers with strange abilities and experience in hunting dark creatures threatening not just America, but all of humanity. Follow Mark Kenslir as he joins the fight against the mythical and the magical on multiple continents, becoming a skilled supersoldier adept at defeating evil over several decades. From a Soviet skinwalker in Korea, to Vampires in Morocco, demons under Australia, and a hi-tech Coven in Hong Kong, Kenslir and his compatriots will face the most dangerous evil on earth--and from beyond. Werewolves, Faeries, Voodoo Warlords, False Gods, and Parahuman Terrorists are just some of the threats the Shadow Detachment must defeat throughout the Cold War--or mankind is doomed.


Shadow Detachment--the introduction to the Dark War as seen through the eyes of a young Lieutenant joining the hunt for a skinwalker behind enemy lines during the Korean War...

Dark Invaders--Strange beings visit Earth in 1954, offering friendship and advanced technology, but secretly hide their true nature and their ultimate plan for humanity.

Stone Soldier--Mark Kenslir's resistance to magic saved his life, but allowed him to be turned into an immortal. Now he is headed for Southeast Asia where he'll face a sorcerer and a mythical monster, both working for the Communists.

Spellbreaker--A modern-day Knight Templar unexpectedly crosses paths with a living legend when he journeys to the dark continent to stop a Voodoo Warlord abducting British expatriates from 1968 Africa.

Blood Traitor--When a beautiful redhead's plan to become a doctor is unexpectedly thwarted by the undead, she decides to gain revenge on her new blood brothers by joining an unstoppable supersoldier in his global campaign to eliminate all vampires from the face of the Earth in the 1970s.

Infernal Machine--A cryptic plea for help from the bowels of the Earth leads to a hidden supernatural computer beneath the streets of Sydney. Built by demons, powered by souls, this ancient machine was constructed to help eradicate mankind--but what happens when it decides it doesn't want to?

X-Ponent--Two FBI agents used to investigating the strange and unusual get more than they bargained for when they begin poking around a military cover up of a parahuman terrorist organization operating on American soil in the mid-1990s.

Satan's Servers--As a new century dawns and Hong Kong is about to change hands, a cybernetic trail of coordinated murders leads Detachment 1039's last super soldier around the world to confront a hi-tech Coven using the internet to sacrifice victims to their dark masters.