Monday, July 31, 2017

Welcome to the Dark War...

Spanning sixty-seven years, eleven short stories, and fifteen novels, the Dark War has become a pretty big place in just five years. If you’re new to Stone Soldiers, Shadow Raiders, or Spectral Ops, you’ve probably seen the list of titles in the front or back of what you’ve read and wondered if you really need to read them all. That’s entirely up to you, but to help you reach that decision, here’s a quick rundown on what you might have missed:

ShadowDetachment, set in 1950, tells the first story of supernatural soldiering by Mark Kenslir, a young Army Lieutenant with a unique ability to nullify magic. During the Korean War, Kenslir finds himself attached to a unit of special soldiers tasked with countering supernatural forces from China and North Korea.

Dark Invaders: It’s 1954, and we are not alone. Strange visitors from afar land on Earth and claim to want to help mankind with extraterrestrial technology. But all isn’t as it seems, and Mark Kenslir uncovers a dark ruse perpetrated by supernatural beings from not another planet, but from our very own world.

Stone Soldier, set in 1962, tells the tale of a supernatural soldier’s death and rebirth, when Mark Kenslir is killed in a violent explosion, only to return to life more powerful than before. Capable of much more than just nullifying magic, the super soldier is sent to Southeast Asia for his first mission, to take on a sorcerer working with Communist forces.

Spellbreaker finds Kenslir in Africa, in 1968, working alongside a British agent to investigate a Voodoo Warlord.

Blood Traitor marks the meeting of vampire M.D. Laura Olson and Mark Kenslir. From a university in the Midwest to a vampire nest in North Africa, supersoldier and newly-minted vampire team up to track down and eliminate the undead.

Infernal Machine, set in the 1980s, introduces a new kind of character to the Dark War—an artificial intelligence, built by demons and powered by human souls. Designed to help bring about the end of the world Five has decided it doesn’t want to exterminate mankind and sends out a call for help.

X-Ponent, set in 1995, chronicles the end of the superhuman era in North America, as a mentally-unbalanced super-psychic tries to spark World War III. As Mark Kenslir tries to stop the magical madman, he finds his way blocked by a meddling pair of FBI agents trying to unmask the truth.

Satan'sServers, set in 1997, sees Mark Kenslir and his A.I. partner tracking down a cabal of sorcerors in Hong Kong who’ve been using the fledgling internet to murder victims around the world in a technological blood sacrifice.

Stone Soldiers: Catching Fire skips ahead to the 2000s, with a new generation of supersoldier entering the war against the darkness: Stone Soldiers, men turned to living stone. Working together in the Middle East, Mark Kenslir and a resurrected Navy SEAL take on a Fire Elemental enslaved by insurgents and turned against U.S. forces fighting against terrorism.

Stone Soldiers: City of Bones more stone soldiers have been created, completing a squad of four petrified commandos. For their first mission, the supernatural soldiers are deployed to West Africa to investigate a horrific airborne plague that devours flesh, leaving only skeletons behind.

Stone Soldiers: Sea of Monsters once more has the Stone Soldiers deployed to combat the supernatural, this time in the Gulf of Aidan, fighting paranormal pirates capable of shapeshifting into horrific man-beasts.

Mythical (Stone Soldiers #1) The first book in the Stone Soldiers series, Mythical, follows Mark Kenslir as he rises from the dead and sets out to remember who killed him with the help of two reluctant teenagers.

Brothers in Stone (Stone Soldiers #2) The shapeshifter from Mythical is back, and this time he has help, as not one, but two antediluvian monsters from the distant past set out to rebuild their strength and their empires, one victim at a time.

Blood andStone (Stone Soldiers #3) The final book in the shapeshifter trilogy, Blood and Stone finds Detachment 1039 headed to Mexico to stop the last antediluvian shapeshifter, who has plunged the region into chaos, revealing himself as the ancient god Kukulckan. With the help of a vampire M.D., the team of supernatural soldiers rushes south of the border for an epic showdown.

Shades of War (Stone Soldiers #4) An enemy from Mark Kenslir’s past is back from the dead, raising an army of spirits to march on Washington D.C. to take revenge on the country that killed him.

Black Knight Down (Stone Soldiers #5) When a coven of modern witches manages to knock an antediluvian satellite from orbit, they get more than they bargained for. An ancient evil is set loose on the land, and it’s up to Mark Kenslir and Detachment 1039 to save the world.

Armageddon Z (Stone Soldiers #6) For precognitive psychic Kenji Nakayama, the end of the world isn’t pretty, no matter how many times he has to live it. Fortunately, Nakayama’s dream-like glimpses of the future eventually have a happy ending as he is able to guide the Stone Soldiers to victory over an enemy working to unleash a zombie apocalypse.

Seven Deadly Sons (Stone Soldiers #7) Detachment 1039 find themselves in Antarctica after a series of battles with a new kind of monster: a synthesis of vampire and werewolf, engineered by Nazi scientists at the bottom of the world.

Terrorcota (Stone Soldiers #8) A rogue Chinese General intends to start World War III by using the greatest magical weapons of history, stolen from a secret vault beneath the Forbidden City. The only thing stopping him is a Master of the most mystical of martial arts and Detachment 1039.

Pale Horseman (Stone Soldiers #9) When a supernatural serial killer arrives in America and begins reaping the souls of the paranormal, Detachment 1039 must team up with an aging Private Detective and his ghostly partner to save the innocent.

A Lucky Day toDie (Stone Soldiers #10) Mark Kenslir is on his own when he heads West to investigate the murder of his nephew, uncovering a plot by a witch to harvest the souls of desperate gamblers who she’ll turn into dark servants of unbridled paranormal power.

One Dark Step (Stone Soldiers #11) With the unlocking of the secrets of ancient portal technology unlocked, America is finally going to do something about the supernatural marauders that have been posing as aliens around the world: they’re taking the fight to their doorstep and invading the far side of the Moon.

Shadow Raiders (Book 1 in the Shadow Raiders series) finds Detachment 1039 journeying not just off-world, but to another reality when an ancient portal is opened in Greenland—leading right to the home of the North gods, Asgard. Together ith a pair of paranormal archaeologists, the Detachment must invade another reality to prevent supernatural raiders from bringing Ragnarok to Earth.

Winters Fury (Stone Soldiers #12) Josie Winters is back from the Moon, living a life she doesn’t remember, her entire memory of the last four years of her life erased. But a mysterious stranger helps Josie escape her captors and recover the truth about who, and what, she really became so she can seek revenge on those betrayed her.

Spectral Ops, set in spring 2017, finds Detachment 039 hurrying to Eastern France to investigate a mystical storm covering a small village. There they quickly find themselves on the defensive, surrounded by an army of angry spirits ready to bring about Hell on Earth.

Spectral Ops:Ghostwalker: Somewhere in the American Southwest, a deactivated missile silo becomes the site of a paranormal murder, when a haunting turns deadly. Detachment 1039 recruits a Professor of Parapsychology to help investigate, discovering an ancient evil beneath the surface.

If you prefer compilations, you can pick up a copy of A Cold, Dark War on Amazon, in print and digital copies, combining Shadow Detachment, Dark Invaders, Stone Soldier, Spellbreaker, Blood Traitor, Infernal Machine, X-Ponent, and Satan’s Servers in one volume.

For Stone Soldier prequel action, Elemental Warfare combines Stone Soldier, Stone Soldiers: Catching Fire, City of Bones, and Sea of Monsters onto one volume of petrified paranormal action.

For the Stone Soldiers series, there are four compilations, Stone Soldiers Omnibus 1, 2, 3, and 4, with a Stone Soldiers: The Series compilation of all twelve novels coming to digital format only in September 2017.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Change is in the air...

Big change is in the air here... as the Stone Soldiers takes a long hiatus. Detachment 1039 continues their war against evil in an all new series: SPECTRAL OPS.

For all the latest information on Spectral Ops, Shadow Raiders, Shadow Detachment and the eventual return of the Stone Soldiers, you need to PUNCH THE RABBIT...

What did a rabbit ever do to you? Rabbits are evil, or rather, the magic they represent is. 

When there's an incident involving a nuclear weapon, the military can declare a COVERED WAGON, or a BROKEN ARROW. But what about when supernatural forces are on the move?

MYSTIC STORM signifies an impending supernatural event--it's the supernatural equivalent of the COVERED WAGON. 

When something does happen, it's labelled BRIGHT THUNDER--the supernatural equivalent of a NUCFLASH. 

But what about when magic sighted in an area, and its uncertain there's any danger or impending catastrophe? LOOSE RABBIT is declared, and anti-supernatural forces are deployed... to punch the rabbit. 

Look for these and other Detachment 1039 happenings in book 2 of the new Spectral Ops series, GHOSTWALKER, releasing August 7, 2017 on Kindle and in print. 

And if you don't want to have to check in at the blog, don't despair, a newsletter for Detachment 1039 updates is coming with monthly RABBIT PUNCHES for all.