Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Coming Soon: X-Ponent...


When a rogue band of superhumans launch a series of terrorist attacks inside the United States, the military springs into action. To hunt down the paranormal perpetrators will take more than the average soldier. It will require a special person, immune to mental manipulation and invisible to psychic detection. A hardened veteran of a dark war against the supernatural and paranormal, with decades of combat experience under his belt. The only problem is, Colonel Mark Kenslir is no detective--he's a commando who's spent a lifetime working alongside psychics against the armies of darkness whenever they've shown their faces, not chasing down clues. Finding an unseen enemy hiding in plain sight may well prove beyond his incredible combat skills. Fortunately, Kenslir has the one other partner able to resist psychic detection--an Artificial Intelligence programmed with the sum knowledge of humanity and a thirst for justice. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Coming Soon: A Cold Dark War

Coming in February, 2016, an Anthology of Shadow Detachment prequel short stories:

Magic and myth have survived into the modern age, a never-ending threat to humanity's very existence. The forces of darkness wage their unrelenting war against mankind. But the tide of battle is changing. Humanity fights back--with supersoldiers, psychics and supernatural weapons of their own. They are Detachment 1039 of the United States Military and they will drive back the darkness, or die trying...

A collection of nine short stories telling the story of Detachment 1039 from the early days of the Korean War all the way through the end of the Twentieth Century. Featuring previously-published short stories and one new bonus tale, A Cold Dark War is a primer for the history of the Shadow Detachment and its Stone Soldiers. 

Coming exclusively to Kindle, February 2016.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Korea, 1950. A young Military Intelligence translator is transferred to a rag-tag outfit of misfit soldiers embarking on a secret mission behind enemy lines. Their ultimate destination: a remote field hospital stuck in enemy territory when the battlefront unexpectedly shifted South. 

When the members of Detachment 1039 finally arrive, they learn that they are now the hunted--by something definitely not human. Fortunately, Lieutenant Mark Kenslir's new brothers-in-arms aren't exactly regular soldiers themselves. 

The band of supersoldiers quickly find themselves battling for survival against an unexpected supernatural threat and their one chance for victory may just be a young officer with no experience battling the forces of darkness.

Read the latest Stone Soldiers prequel short story, exclusively on Kindle today for only $.99!