Thursday, November 12, 2015

SATAN'S SERVERS--New on Kindle, Friday the 13th!

This Friday the 13th, Murder goes on-line in the next installment in the Shadow Detachment short story prequel series:

1997--the world prepares for the twenty-first century, sharing information and joining together in virtual reality. But the growing world wide web doesn't just bring the chance to share information and conduct electronic commerce. Murder has gone on-line--digital blood sacrifice, taking the lives of victims from a hidden corner of the globe. When America's Artificial Intelligence network uncovers the dark plot, the time for a cyber response is over. Lethal force is called for and Detachment 1039 takes to the field, tracking down the supernatural perpetrators and wreaking a terrible vengeance on the forces of darkness.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Veteran's Day!

Stone Soldiers salutes fellow veterans everywhere, this very important holiday.

What is Veteran's Day? It's a day we celebrate those of us who have sacrificed to guarantee the freedoms and liberties all Americans enjoy. 

Some veterans chose to put their lives on the line for freedom, some were drafted. Whether by choice or compelled in times of need, Veterans didn't have the same liberties and freedoms of the civilian populace they protected. Their sacrifices and suffering enabled America and many others to remain free. 

This holiday, if you choose to celebrate your freedoms by reading, please consider the following three military short fiction choices, exclusively on Kindle, free today only. 

An American Supersoldier comes face-to-face with Extraterrestrials in 1957--but are these strange visitors really from another planet, or somewhere much darker?

Supernatural espionage on the Dark Continent in 1968, as a Knight Templar and an American Supersoldier seek to topple a Voodoo Warlord. 

What's a 1970s girl to do when she's unwillingly turned into one of the Undead? Join the Army and lead the hunt against her own kind!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

First in Series Free!

Want to try out a new series? 

Not only is Book 1 in Stone Soldiers, Mythical, free on Kindle, there are a number of other series with free first books. 

Visit for more details!