Thursday, July 9, 2015

July 2015 Update...

It's been a busy year for the Stone Soldiers series...

In addition to making print versions of books 10 and 11 (soon available via Amazon) and Elemental Warfare, a spin off series, Shadow Raiders is in the works.

The Stone Soldiers have also been represented at some Louisville-area conventions, including the Derby City Comic Con, as wel as the upcoming Oldham County Comic Con. 

And of course, there's the new podcast, Weirdology 101 that introduces listeners to some of the myths and legends, ancient and modern, often used in the series. 

What's next for 2015?

Next up will be Shadow Raiders. 

Then there'll be a series of shorter-length, short story/novellas:

Blood Traitor a re-telling of Laura Olson's vampiric origins and her first missions in the 1970s, guiding Mark Kenslir and Detachment 1039 to vampire targets around the world...

X-Ponent, previously glimpsed in flashbacks in Book 4, Shades of War, is getting a novella-length release, putting the flashbacks in sequential order and filling in some of the gaps. 

Spellbreaker is a Cold War-era tale of a younger Mark Kenslir and Chad Phillips as the combat the supernatural Red Menace of the 1960s

Night of the Bear will be a story of the two Soviet supernatural operatives who suddenly find themselves free agents after the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1980s. 

And we'll round out 2015 with Winter's Fury book 12 in the Stone Soldiers' series and Perdition's Shadow, book 2 in the Shadow Raiders series, that finds Detachment 1039 traveling to an alternate reality earth ruled by a Dragon and populated by human slaves from different eras of history. 

Looking beyond these titles, you can expect a few more Stone Soldiers  novels in 2016...

Hyde and Sheik

Island of the Damned

The Blue Death

Do No Evil

Plus maybe a few other short stories and maybe another 1 or 2 Shadow Raiders. 

So, while things have been slowing down, fear not, the men, women and monsters of Detachment 1039 will continue to stomp evil wherever they can find it...