Monday, April 17, 2017

Book of Stone: LOOSE RABBIT

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Description:  Reporting Classification for Preternatural Incidents and Threats

For the purposes of secure military communications, the armed forces have a variety of code words and classifications. Some are for secrecy, some are to impress upon recipients of messages the importance of the situation. 

Recognizing the danger and frequency of occurrence of supernatural events, the U.S. Armed Forces adopted specialized terminology for use in preternatural incident reporting. Among these, LOOSE RABBIT was one of the earliest terms, chosen to designate a situation where a magic-user was confirmed to be operating in a specific area or with a specific goal in mind. 

In all instances where a LOOSE RABBIT is reported, forces are required to report to and coordinate with US SOCOM. 

In instances where a preternatural threat is determined to be a Fellish entity, rather than a human magic user, a RED TITAN is declared. 

In the event a LOOSE RABBIT (or RED TITAN) entity engages in preternatural activity, a BURNING STORM is declared. Alternatively, a suspicion of preternatural activity, or an imminent threat of preternatural activity is declared a BRIGHT THUNDER. 

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