Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Book of Stone: The Occulum

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First Appearance:  Shadow Raiders

Description:  Experimental Wyrmhole Generator

Last Known Status: Damaged

Following the discovery of the transport ring in Greece, the U.S. military began extensive study of wyrmhole generators. When modifications to another transport ring were discovered at the antediluvian site in Antarctica, it became possible to create a wyrmhole generator from scratch. This first device was built at Groom Lake Air Force Base in Nevada, and filled an entire chamber, with wyrmholes of only a few inches across being formed during tests. 

Experiments with the Occulum quickly led to perfection of the technology and the construction of much larger generator, dubbed the Sprocket.

During Operation Cold Flare, the Occulum was activated once more, quickly earning the name it had been giving by providing high altitude observation of the planet Asgard. 

While severely damaged during the events of Cold Flare, the Occulum remained basically intact.

As a wyrmhole generator, the Occulum operates in the same manner as Valhalla Station's own antediluvian ring portal modified by the SS, and the Sprocket. Once a harmonic connection is estblished with a target, the Occulum is able to form a wyrmhole--the distance from the target being adjusted so that a portal appears beside a target, or miles above. 

Partially electromechanical in nature, the Occulum's wyrmhole remains open as long as power is applied to the apparatus. 

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