Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Calling All Pulp Fans!

Hey, where are you guys? I mean, on the internet?
I know it's a huge place, with lots of distracting sites to go to, but dang.
Did you guys know that 99% of the world thinks Pulp is dead? We can't let that stand. Pulp was one of the most popular mediums of the 1930s. It produced some of the best stories and characters of all time. Pulp made the story more important than literary rules. Without Pulp, we wouldn't have comic books. Or maybe even movies.
I for one have been guilty of re-reading the Pulps of the past. But it's time to move on. Time to look for NEW Pulp.
And I don't mean new stories set in the 1930s, or featuring old characters. Pulp is more than a historic period in publishing. It's a style.
We need new pulp heroes, having new adventures.
That's what MYTHICAL is all about. But it's lost in a sea of fiction.
So come on, leave Failbook and Drudge and start using those search engines to find something that will make you as excited as the first time you read a Doc Savage Novel, or the time you learned Tarzan did way more than wrestle gorillas in the jungle.
Check out Mythical. Do it for the Pulp.