Wednesday, June 4, 2014

If you like... Marvel's Agents of SHIELD


With just one season under its belt MAOS has revealed itself as a very complex show, not because of overly detailed plots or fanatstic action sequences, but because of its connection to Marvel movies like Avengers, Captain America: Winter Soldier and even Thor; The Dark World. Fully embracing the Marvel cinematic, Big-Screen universe on the small screen, MAOS offers viewers a chance to stay in the world created for them at the theaters and to see a lot more of that world on a smaller scale.

But a movie tie-in isn't enough to carry a show, even if the network airing it is also owned by the movie studio. MAOS needed more. To that end, an ensemble cast was put together and top notch special effects and locations were assembled. 

MAOS may have started slow--it was long on talk and drama and short on action. But sticking with the show for the whole season, viewers eventually got to see what they wanted, like Deathlok, more Asgardian weapons, an Asgardian and super-technology plus a whole lot more of S.H.I.E.L.D. itself. Season two holds a lot of hope of even more super-action on the small screen as Marvel continues to dominate the superhero world. 


While the Agents of SHIELD work around the world protecting mankind from super-threats, they tend to do so one small threat at a time, much more akin to the Men in Black film series than Detachment 1039. Property damage is at a minimum--porbably due to TV budget contraints. 

As a book series, with no budget limitations, Stone Soldiers can reveal much bigger threats, and with bigger results. But most importantly, the Stone Soldiers aren't a bunch of Federal Agents in spiffy black suits, they're supersoldiers armed with heavy duty weapons against dangerous super-threats. 

Moreover, the Stone Soldiers don't rely on words to resolve problems. If action is something you felt was lacking on MAOS, then Stone Soldiers is definitely worth a read, as many reviewers have pointed out. So if you're looking for more super-powered action while you wait for Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to return to television, consider checking out Stone Soldiers.

"Like titans fighting for their side and no-holds barred blows that seem to shake the very pages (or screen in this case as I read it on Amazon Cloud)"
--Tyler Danaan, Amazon Reader

"This is one of the funest series of books i have come across. it is simply that fun. no morality tales, no way too real, just like a well written slam bang series of books."
--Brad Thomas, Amazon Reader

"This is a fast paced action adventure in true Pulp Fiction style that C.E.Martin is so damn good at. From the opening paragraph to the final period, this is a book of outstanding action and adventure with a bit of mystery and intrigue thrown in..."
-Johnny Rentfro, Amazon Reader

"Great and fast moving story, I had trouble putting it down, Can not wait to start the next book"
--Ronald Rube, Amazon Reader

"This series is so fun! In a big 'splosions, shoot 'em up, badass soldiers, and wicked bad guys sort of way."
--Kelly Rubidoux, Reading-the-Paranormal

"The fight scenes in the book were really graphic and gory and absolutely PERFECT to help my imagination go wild."
--Megmet, Amazon Reader

"Super powered heroes versus the blackest magical forces in a pot-bubbling stew that will have you turning pages and losing track of time.  Martin’s work is addictive and we mean that in the most complimentary ways possible."
--Ron Fortier, Pulp FIction Reviews