Friday, July 11, 2014

COMING SOON: Stone Soldiers #10


Las Vegas, Nevada--home to gamblers and dreamers and something a lot darker. Colonel Mark Kenslir is drawn to Sin City to attend the funeral of a distant family member. While there, the leader of the Stone Soldiers discovers all is not as it seems. Worse, those lurking in the shadows of the Strip have noticed the immortal stone soldier's presence, and they aren't happy. With no support, and no equipment, America's oldest supersoldier must stop the forces of darkness alone or die trying.


Monday, July 7, 2014

Pale Horseman

New Release!

Pale Horseman

Richard Murphy is a hard-boiled, octogenarian Hollywood detective who thinks he's seen it all--until he and his younger partner witness a horrific murder committed by a galloping centaur. Now the elderly P.I. worries he'll be next on the killer's list. But unbeknownst to Murphy, one of his on-line friends is more than just a master chess player. He's a member of Detachment 1039, America's secret super soldier program tasked with combatting the supernatural. Murphy and his partner in crime-solving are soon visited by the Stone Soldiers, who enlist the semi-retired P.I.'s aid in tracking down a serial-killing centaur who's come to L.A. to reap the souls of the wicked and the innocent.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Patriot's Sale!

Happy Birthday, America!

To celebrate our independance from tyranny, Stone Soldiers has slashed prices for a limited time only. Read about super patriots defending America from the forces of darkness and catch up on books you might have missed.

$.99 this Fourth of July weekend only!

Stone Soldiers Omnibus #1
Books 1-3

Prehistoric shapeshifters are on the loose in modern America, ripping out the hearts of victims to steal their form, memories and power. The Stone Soldiers may be our best chanc to stop the terror, but are even they enough?

$.99 this Fourth of July weekend only!

Stone Soldiers Omnibus #2
Books 4-6

The new team of Stone Soldier fac new threats as they continue to protect Amerca from the supernatural. From a ressurected necromancer raising a spectral army, to an Earth Elemental trying to erase mankind with a zombie virus, read along as the team defeats the forces of darkness around the globe.