Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scary Unproductiveness

Deadlines- almost as scary as zombies. I mean, they have the word DEAD in them.
I had a deadline- a self-imposed one. October 5th. It was when I wanted to have Mythical: Blood and Stone done and uploaded. Alas, Fall has been scary busy.
I suppose if I were a full time writer, there wouldbn't have been a problem. I'd have just sat down and hammered it out in like a week. But my full time job isn't writing novels. And being a full-time dad, I need to spend a lot of time with my kids. That leaves a small sliver of time every day to unwind from work, sleep and do some writing.
I haven't been very productive.
At least with fall firmly here, the yard work is coming to a close, so I have more time inside.
Blood and Stone is slightly more than a third done. And I'm already outlined on the next Mythical novel, Shades of War, that'll I'll be doing as part of Nanowrimo.
I just need to get through Halloween. Maybe all the leftover candy will help? We're supposed to have a chilly Halloween here in the midwest, so hopefully I'll get to keep a lot of the candy and it can power me through on the late nights I see in my immediate future.
Sleep is over-rated.