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BOOK OF STONE: Circle of Gwynne

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First Appearance:   Spellbreaker 

Summary:   Secret Society

Last Known Status:   Unknown

Author's Notes:

In 1968, Colonel Mark Kenslir was sent to Africa to investigate reports of a Voodoo Warlord seizing control in the war-torn country of Ghana. Along the way, Kenslir encountered an agent of the Crown, John Ash, ostensibly working to uncover what had happened to British expatriates.

Ash quickly revealed himself to be a Templar--one of England's own super-soldiers fielded to counter the supernatural forces of the world. But Ash was more than what he seemed, and by mission's end, Kenslir confirmed his suspicions: the Templars had been infiltrated by dark forces bent on ruling England, and the world.

Tortured, Ash revealed the identity of his dark Masters, the "Circle of Gwynne". But who were these mysterious mages lurking in the shadows? 

England has a long history of secret societies, and popular culture often likes to fixate on the Druids, a pagan religious order many believe built Stonehenge. Could this mysterious Circle be druids?

In Celtic mythology, Gwyn ap Nudd was believed to be the ruler of the the underworld, escorting the souls of the dead there. If a dark circle of mages bent on world domination wanted to worship an entity with malevolent intentions for mankind, Gwynn certainly fits the bill--especially given the Druids prospered during Celtic times.

In 1997, as Hong Kong prepared for Chinese rule, Mark Kenslir again encountered a secret society of mages, this time using the internet to plan and commit sacrificial murders around the world. Tracking them to their meting place in Hong Kong, Kenslir eliminated the entire organization, or did he? (Satan's Servers)

What if the circle lived on? What if their reach extended beyond Great Britain and its former colonies? What if the Circle of Gwynne was a global organization? Readers of Seven Deadly Sons (Stone Soldiers #7) might have suspected some hidden organization, referred to in the book as Der Kreis. German for :"The Circle".

Will the Circle of Gwynne return to fight the Stone Soldiers again?

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  1. I'm thinking there will be another battle myself.