Monday, April 2, 2018

Book of Stone: KJ Bowling

Mentioned by several characters in Detachment 1039, Mary Cobbler and the Secret of Frogwarts is a popular middle-grade children's book about a twelve year old witch-in-training who solves mysteries while attending a prestigious wizarding school in England. What most of the Stone Soldiers world doesn’t know is that Kristina “KJ” Bowling actually based the stories in her books on her own experiences as a child—something that very nearly cost her life in the year 2000.

Not long after Mary Cobbler was released in print, the coven of witches running the Blackmoor Academy discovered that the book contained a number of their secrets—all thinly veiled under pseudonyms and parodies. A check of their records revealed that Bowling had herself been a student at Blackmoor, until she was expelled. The coven and their allies set out to immediately quiet Bowling, attempting to assassinate her on multiple occasions until they themselves were eliminated by Detachment 1039 (see Magician of Interest, Shadow Detachment #11, coming Fall of 2018).

Today, Bowling lives in extreme seclusion, carefully watched by the United States military, to whom she continues to feed secrets about Blackmoor and the circle of covens that established it—while also continuing the adventures of her beloved characters in a series of novels that continue to sell around the world.

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