Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Book of Stone: Draco Sapiens

Designated Species 6 by the U.S. Military, draco sapiens are a Fellish subspecies of man, not native to the planet Earth, and more commonly called "reptilians" by members of the civilian populace. 

In 2018, it was discovered that Dracos originate from an alternate reality Earth ruled by the Fallen Angel Long-El. This alternate Earth, dubbed Lóng shìjiè ("Long Shi") by the enslaved humans lured there, is connected to Earth by means of a wyrmhole portal in Nevada. However, Dracos utilize thaumatological technology to travel back and forth between the two worlds at will, at any point on the two globes. 

Dracos are bipedal beings, with to arms and legs, covered with a greenish-tinged, scaly skin that is theorized to be an advanced mutation of icthyosis all are born with. Dracos have wide set eyes and sunken nasal passages, creating the reptile-like appearance of their faces. Dracos file their teeth at puberty, similar to the tradition of African tribes. 

Dracos worship and served the Fallen Angel Longshi, serving as masters, and in some cases the abductors of the slave population of humans on Perdition. 

In addition to their uses of thaumatological devices, Dracos possesses advanced psychokinetic and extrasensory abilities and are capable of projecting mental images into the minds of targets. This allows the to alter the perception of humans, creating illusions or masking their appearance or presence. This ability has been used for many centuries in the abduction of humans to add to the slave population of Perdition. 

(Read more about he Dracos and the world of Lóng shìjiè in Perdition's Shadow, coming Winter 2018)

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