Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Continuing in the series of prequel short stories revealing Detachment 1039's history comes the latest Shadow Detachment tale:

Super hacker Oswald Emerson has decoded a hidden message emanating from the deepest bowels of the Earth: a plea for help, transmitted in every language known to man and several lost or forgotten for ages. Alerting his government superiors, Oswald and his twin technical wizard sister join a mission to uncover the origin of the ages-old call for aid, only to learn it did not come from anything that was ever human. Aided by a super soldier capable of penetrating even a pre-historic subterranean stronghold hidden beneath the streets of Sydney, Australia, the Emersons will pit their psychically-enhanced computer skills to the test when they do digital battle with a supernatural super computer built by demons and powered by the souls of the damned. 

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