Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Introducing a new Stone Soldiers prequel series, SHADOW DETACHMENT...

Before Detachment 1039 successfully began petrifying soldiers for supernatural combat against the forces of darkness, they waged a Cold, Dark War around the world for decades. Super soldiers, psychics and scientists worked together to keep evil at bay. 

Starting in August 2015, readers can now see a glimpse into the past, reading the stories of pre-Stone warfare as a flesh-and-blood Detachment 1039 works to save the world, again and again from its origins in the late 1940s, up through the creation of the first Stone Soldier in the early 2000s. Monthly tales of paranormal mayhem, exclusively on Kindle. 


Check out these short story tales of supernatural warfare for $.99, or keep a sharp eye out for Kindle Select Free Days!

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