Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A plethora of errors...

For those not familiar with the Error Contest at Stone Soldiers, it works like this: report an error, typo, misspelling, etc in a novel, get a free digital copy of another novel in the series.

Normally, there aren't that many errors to be found. Alas, for Book 11, One Dark Step, it's a veritable JACKPOT of errors. A new spellchecker program was used on this one.... a spellcheck that didn't point out grammatical errors. And I rushed the book to publish. Fortunately, a reader has sent in the dozens of errors and it's now being fixed. However, if you can type the sentence as it appears in your copy, you can still win a free digital version of another Stone Soldiers story--so long as you're the first to report it (not counting that aforementioned reader who hit the motherload).

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