Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Throughout history, the axe has proven to be one of the greatest tools ever made, combining a cutting edge with the most basic of machines: the lever. Used in combat for millenia, the Axe eventually saw new life in a smaller, handier size: the hatchet, or, as it's called in North America, the Tomahawk.

During the Vietnam War, US Forces turned back to this old, reliable tool, adopting a civilian-made weapon designed by Peter LaGana. Special Forces used these weapons, which featured a cutting edge and a spike that could be used to penetrate more durable targets, like helmets, skulls, or even doors.

In 2001, the US Military again began using the Tomahawk, service members purchasing their own.

Modern Tomahawks often feature metal handles, instead of the wood ones used in the Vietnam era. In Stone Soldiers, Colonel Kenslir, a veteran of the Southeast Asia campaigns, often supplements his twin Bowie knives with a tomahawk, with which he is highly proficient--both in close-quarters combat and as a thrown weapon.

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