Tuesday, December 4, 2012

There's nosuch thing as bad feedback?

I used to firmly believe that there was no such thing as bad feedback. Afterall, writing is about producing a product consumers might want to purchase. I don't write for the art of it. So I try to listen to all feedback and consider it carefully to craft a better product.
Over at page99test.com, authors can upload the 99th page of their work to get feedback. The idea being that any book, if you pick it up and thumb to Page 99, it's a good idea of whether you'd like the book or not.
I don't get much feedback over there, but just now I got one of the all time stupidest things I've ever seen:

The superhuman leap is unbelievable, the names are too similar, the numbers on the guns suggest the writer is obsessed with heavy weaponry which is boring and anyway, I like dragons and didn't enjoy reading about a hurt one.

Uh, superhumans are unbelievable but dragons aren't? Didn't enjoy reading about a hurt dragon? What?! Obsessed with heavy weaponry?

Okay, I get that if you didn't read the book blurb, didn't know that Mythical: Brothers in Stone was Men's Adventure/Pulp-horror novel, you might not like the contents of Page 99. You might not know it's not a real dragon, but rather a shapeshifter who is posing as a dragon after ripping out it's heart. You also might not know that when you're talking Men's Adventure and Pulps, you have to put in detail about things like weapons. Cause dudes like that.

I wish I could respond to the commenter and apologize to them for their sensabilities being rocked. And explain the series a bit better. I think instead, I'll just pull the listing down so as not to offend or scar any other wannabe dragon trainers.


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