Thursday, April 16, 2015

Book of Stone: Colonel Chadwick Phillips

For April, Stone is celebrating the A to Z Blog Challenge with daily letter-themed entries. A separate page with a list of all these entries, plus Character Profiles and Book Synopses will appear on the right hand side of the page in coming weeks, detailing the people, places and things of the Stone Soldiers universe.

A former member of the Black Sabers until 1979, Chadwick Phillips retired from active duty, marrying and raising a family. Following the death of his wife, he had a stroke in 2003 and was paralyzed from the waist down. In 2013, he was recruited back into the Detachment and was regenerated and petrified as a Stone Soldier (SS03: Blood and Stone). 

Phillips, in addition to being a stone soldier, is an electrokinetic, able to generate and control electrical fields around him. This power was the reason for his inclusion in the Detachment in the 1960s, serving as a parahuman trained in unconventional warfare and counter-Dark operations, serving alongside Colonel Kenslir for two decades.

Beyond the near-invulnerability of his petrified status, Phillips' new enhanced endurance allows him unlimited use of his electrokinesis. In his youth, the supersoldier had to rest between electrical discharges and be careful to not injure himself. As a stone soldier he has no such limitations.

Phillips' experience and rank led to his assignment as leader of Alpha team, with his former operational call-sign Zeus reinstated.

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