Saturday, December 29, 2018


After a one year hiatus, the Stone Soldiers of Detachment 1039, the Shadow Detachment are coming back!

Coming in January 2019, the dark war against the supernatural continues with Island of the Damned

In March 2019, readers take a trip back to the early days of the Detachment, before Stone Soldiers, with a special trip behind the Iron Curtain in Red Magick...

Monday, April 9, 2018

Book of Stone: Carrie Huston

A lower-level witch cast out of her coven, Carrie Huston turned to researching the past to find a way to exact revenge on her peers. During the course of her studies, she stumbled across an ancient secret of the Chrysanthemum throne: Jigoku No Shima, a prison for the supernatural monsters of Japan.

After months of study. Huston managed to determine the location of the island and set out to reach it and use the many demons imprisoned there against the witches who betrayed her. Manipulating the flight crew of a passenger bound for Australia, Huston crashed the plane on Jigoku No Shima, intending to use the souls of the passengers to provide her the power she needed to enslave the demons trapped on the island.

Huston’s plans were ultimately derailed by the magical safeguards of the island, its prisoners, and Detachment 1039.

Read more about Carrie Huston and Jigoku No Shima in Spectral Ops #3, Island of the Damned, coming Fall 2018. 

Book of Stone: Gunpowder

First appearing in the American Southwest in early 1990, the drug gunpowder—so-called for its black coloration—originated in South America. The highly potent drug proved to be highly addictive and briefly threatened to overtake the emerging crack cocaine in illicit sales. Gunpowder’s appearance in the United States abruptly came to an end less than a year after it first appeared. Experts believed that the drug’s source was eliminated by U.S. interdiction efforts, with the remaining stockpiles smuggle din gradually used up and replaced by other more common drugs.

Behind the Scenes: Gunpowder was produced in the nation of Acre, in South America. Blended with human blood, Gunpowder was produced by alchemical means and actually linked the user with other users and the creator of the drug: the First Born Fell, son of Inti, Huayna Cuyochi. Linked, users of gunpowder could be drained of their lifeforce slowly, over time, or have their thoughts and memories read. The drug also allowed Inti to channel lifeforce into his users, giving them superhuman strengths and resistances to injury. Inti’s human underlings could further dilute the drug by adding their own blood to it, allowing the to siphon the lifeforce of those below them on the drug chain.

Gunpowder’s production was brought to a halt when Huayna was eliminated by Detachment 1039 in 1990

Read more about Gunpowder, Acre, and Huayna Cuyochi in Dark Powder, coming this Fall.