Ever since they took his brother, James Van Zanger has devoted his life to hunting the monsters that abduct men and women and slaughter cattle. For decades, Van Zanger has fought this battle alone. But during a hit-and-run mission in the backwoods of Kentucky, Van Zanger finds he is not alone. A crack team of supersoldiers reveal themselves to the alien hunter and offer him the chance to join a bigger battle against the forces of darkness. 

With the help of men turned to living stone, a vampire MD, a werewolf, a powerful psychic and an enigmatic immortal warrior, Jim Van Zanger is about to strike at the heart of his enemy's base of operations: on the far side of the moon. 

The men and women of Detachment 1039 are taking the fight against the forces of darkness to a new theater of operations, catching their enemies off-guard and unprepared. But are America's mightiest warriors ready to face the true mastermind of terror or will the Moon remain the last frontier for evil? 

(Kindle Exclusive through July 26, 2015)

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