Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Too much Adult in YA?

First off, Mythical does not have any Adult stuff in it. And by adult, I mean the S-E-X stuff.
Sorry, it's just not there. Nor really any romance.
The description of the book- a super soldier hunting a shapeshifter who rips out people's hearts and eats them- should have given it away that this is a book about action, not luvin'.
Alas, in my reading of the past few days, I see that YA is not the teen and pre-teen friendly genre this dad had hoped it was. It appears there's quite a bit of the whole grown up, PG-13 stuff in the genre that this over-protective dad does not approve of.
So I'm changing the genre listings. Mythical is action adventure now.
Yes, one of the two main characters is an eighteen year old girl who's just graduated high school and finds herself fighting monsters instead of her college GPA, but apparently that isn't enough in the YA market. They want the kissey kissey.
I suppose it's a matter of taste. For me, I've had two kids and reached my quota for kissey kissey and romance. I don't need to read about it, and think about it, and wonder about it. Mystery solved.

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