Sunday, July 1, 2012

Coming Soon... Mythical #2: Brothers in Stone

The research is done, and I start work today on Mythical #2, continuing the story of Josie Winters, Jimmy Kane and their new mentor, Colonel Mark Kenslir.

Here's a sneak preview of the events of Book 2:

Josie Winters is settling into her new job at Detachment 1039, learning the secret history of the U.S. Armed Forces war against supernatural threats. Jimmy Kane remains petrified, a stone statue of himself, only able to communicate with the outside world by means of a telepath.

But word soon arrives- the shapeshifting giant, Ketzkahtel may be dead and in a freezer at Detachment 1039's headquarters, but someone else is on the loose, in Arizona, ripping the hearts out of hapless victims.

Josie and Colonel Kenslir travel west again, to join up with the FBI's special task force on the "Valentine Killer".

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