Sunday, July 1, 2012

Beyond Mythical...

Now that the trilogy of Mythical is firmly plotted out and I've begun work on Book #2, I had to wonder- will the trilogy complete the adventures of Josie Winters and the super soldiers of Detachment 1039?

I suppose that it could. The final book will wrap things up nicely, finishing off the shapeshifters once and for all. But it will leave Josie and her new friends just beginning a life of protecting America from the secret supernatural forces in the world.

I went back and dusted off some of the early ideas I had for telling stories about Detachment 1039- Colonel Kenslir's adventures before he became a father figure for a new generation of super soldiers. I briefly considered going back to those 1980s tales. But that would still leave Josie hanging.

Instead, it looks like I have the beginnings of a great fourth book plotted out. And a working title: Legendary: The Curse Eater. A swell story about super-powered clones, a serial killer, an angry ghost from Col. Kenslir's past, and a 14 year old boy who learns he's not just an average kid after all.

But do I want to write this? I have other projects lined up- like a horror-comedy about a father who has to embrace the family werewolf curse to save his own family from an uprising of zombies. It started as a screenplay in 2010, and I got about halfway through novelizing it.

I guess sales will decide.

If Mythical 1, 2 & 3 start selling, and I get some feedback that yes, readers want more, Legendary might just become the next Detachment 1039 trilogy.

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