Sunday, July 1, 2012

Book 3: Blood and Stone

In the process of plotting out and researching Book 2 (Brothers in Stone) I also did a lot of work on the third upcoming Mythical novel, Blood and Stone. It will round out the trilogy started in Mythical, and see the saga of the antediluvian shapeshifters come to a close.

Here's a sneak peak of Blood and Stone's plot, which will hopefully be completed around October 2012.

Another antediluvian shapeshifting giant is on the loose, having escaped after his raid on Detachment 1039's base of operations in Miami, Florida. Josie Winters, with her new powers still developing, is impatient to hunt down the monster, but training comes first.

Josie joins Victor Hornbeck, the newest stone soldier, in private training with Colonel Kenslir, forming the newest generation of America's secret super soldiers. But will their be training be complete before the last shapeshifter can gather the hearts and powers of some of America's deadliest civilian parahumans?

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