Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why you should read MYTHICAL

As an avid reader myself, I understand that selecting what to read can often be a difficult decision.
Printed books can have great covers, but turn out to be awful wastes of ink and paper that surely the trees weep for.
On the other hand, some of the books I've enjoyed the most didn't even have cover art- they were hardbacks.
Even the backs of books or the insides of dust covers can be misleading. What's that leave a reader?
Well, you could always flip through a book. Maybe read the first few pages. In the age of E-books, that's called a preview. A sample to get the reader hooked. MYTHICAL's first few chapters are available like that, at Amazon and Smashwords.
But I know a better way.
It's the 99th page trick.
Basically, the theory goes that you can open any book up and turn to page 99. If it seems interesting, you should get the book. If it doesn't, pass.
I tested this myself when I first read about it last week, and was surprised by the simplicity of it. But it makes sense, given that all books are supposed to follow a 3-Act structure: Intro of Characters, First problem and resolution, Second Problem and Climax. BY page 99, there should be something cool going on. I was greatly relieved when I found MYTHICAL to be somewhat interesting. (I promise there's more action later- it all kind of builds to a big blow out)
So, without further ado, here's MYTHICAL's 99th page of text...

"I can't believe the government has a telepath- and a sorceress," Josie said. "Those guys were Feds, right?"

Sorceress? Jimmy thought. What did I miss?

"They weren't suit salesmen," Mark said.

"So why didn't you just go with them?" Jimmy asked. He'd been wondering that the whole time the telepath was controlling him like a puppet.

"Because I don't know if I can trust them," Mark answered.

"Because you can't remember everything?" Josie asked.

"No, because I remember the important parts," Mark said.

He waited a moment, then spoke again. "This is your chance to go home.

"But I'll need to keep your truck for awhile, if you don't mind," Mark added.

"Why aren't they coming after us?" Josie asked. She eased Jimmy back down into her lap and started rubbing his temples.

Jimmy closed his eyes. He was embarrassed to look at her. But also a little confused. What was going on here? Why was she being so nice?

"They're tracking us from orbit. Or maybe with a ghost walker," Mark explained.

"Ghost walker?" Jimmy asked, keeping his eyes closed.

"Astral Projection is the technical term," Mark said. "Couple that with a telepathic handler and you have a spy that can circle the globe and relay real-time information."

Jimmy panicked at the mention of a telepath. He sat up suddenly and began looking out the windows. Josie did the same thing. They could see nothing but darkness surrounding the truck.

"You can't see them," Mark said. "Not unless you've got a touch of clairvoyance yourself."

Jimmy didn't know what clairvoyance was, but he relaxed a little. He was ready to lay back


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