Thursday, June 14, 2012

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Self publishing a book is a great thing for authors and readers. It allows authors to skip over the dreaded publisher's slushpile, and put their work out there for anyone to see. Which means readers have far more of a selection to choose from.
Alas, skipping the slushpile also means you skip the editors. Unless the author wants to spend money for a professional editor.
I didn't. I figured that between myself and my wife, we would catch all the inevitable typos and conversion errors. Boy, was I wrong.
So, as of June 13, 2012, Mythical has been re-uploaded. Hopefully error-free. I went over it a third time. If three is the charm, then this time I've caught it all and it is finally the way I intended it to be.
If not? Well, that's another beauty of self-publishing, just like a printer, I can make a new edition, and correct any errors.

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