Friday, June 15, 2012

Mythical Tomatos

Tomato, Toe-mah-toe. How do we pronounce some of the words we see in books?
Take for example, Mythical protagonist, Col. Mark Kenslir, call sign "Antaean".
In Mythical, we see how it's pronounced "An-tay-ann".
A Word a Day says it's "ann-tee-un". Well, that just makes no sense.
ANTAEAN comes from the Greek giant of mythology, Antaeus. That's AN-TAY-US, according to at least one of the Kevin Sorbo Hercules movies of the 1990s. It's a word meaning "possessing super-human strength". A descriptor for Col. Kenslir's most prominent super power- his strength.
A Word A Day would have us believe it's An-tee-ann, possibly from the sissified giant, Ann-Tea-us. As in, "Hey, giant! It's noon and we're thirsty! Tea us!"
I don't think so.
A word based on the giant An-tay-us, would clearly be Ann-tay-un.

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