Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Introduction to Podcasting, 101

Tonight, in less than 4 hours, I go live, sort of, on the internet. It was all part of the self-publishing marketing process.
Podcasting is something I'd never actually listened to- I tend to be more of an orchestral music/movie score kind of guy. I just don't listen to talk radio or podcasts.
That changed with my entry into indie publishing. Some friends of mine happen to have a very long-running, award-winning podcast. Podculture.
Even though I'm kind of a private guy, I went ahead and joined the podcasters for a lengthy dicussion on indie publishing, the latest scifi on TV and of course, the Mythical series.
What did I learn about podcasting?
It's pre-recorded. I'm told some folks stream live, but most pre-record, then stream later, or just offer their podcast for download. I know- I'm probably the last person on Earth to learn this, but it was interesting, nonetheless.
You can get amazing sound in a room jammed with collectibles. To say that Brad, the guy who host's Podculture is a Green Lantern fan is a massive understatement. If there is any GL product on Earth he doesn't own, I would be surprised. It was wall to wall Lantern Corps, Oa, yeah. But despite the lack of foam walls, or headphones, Brad's professional setup records crisp, clean audio- although he did keep telling me to speak up. It was a far cry from the hollow, staticy tape recorder kids used in my day to play radio talkshow.
There's a podcast for everyone. Seriously the variety in podcasts is amazing. In Podculture's case, they talk about a little bit of everything, so they're bound to have a large audience.
Finally, I learned doing a podcast=sales. At least one. One Podcast listener from a previous show where my book just mentioned, purchased via Kindle and gave a glowing, four-star review (thanks, Billy). Actually being on a podcast and talking ought to equate to even more potential readers.
End analysis? Podcasting is good for authors. It's a lot easier than writing out answerrs to questions or saturating Twitter or Facebook with please for readers. Podcasting can be a lot of fun. And you don't have to dress up.

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