Monday, August 20, 2012

Book 3 Has Begun!

Mythical the Series is rapidly approaching it's end- or rather the end of the first trilogy. I knuckled down and foudn the time to start writing in earnest yesterday and got about 40 pages done- something like 8000 words. I would have gone longer, but with a day job and kids to take to school today I finally had to quit and hit the sack...
So what's book 3, BLOOD AND STONE about?
In Book 2, the shapeshifters partially succeeded in their attack on Argon Tower, the base of operations for Detachment 1039. The twin giants manged to resurrect Medusa and steal her heart, granting Tezcahtlip the power to turn men to stone. Unfortunately, it cost him greatly, as his brother Ketzkahtel was finally killed.
Tezcahtlip has fled now, headed west to hit the two placesin America that have the highest concentration of parahumans: Las Vegas and Alcatraz. With a collection of stolen powers to choose from, the giant will do what anyone in his over-sized shoes would do: find a country in need of something to believe in, and set himself up as a God.
Det. 1039 will have to be careful pursuing this adversary into a foreign sovereign nation- to avoid an international incident and to avoid being destroyed by the all-powerful Tezcahtlip.
The team will be aided by two new members as Col. Kenslir rebuilds the Stone Soldiers. First up is his old war buddy, Chadwick Phillips, a paraplegic retiree who once could hurl lightning. A more mysterious figure from Colonel Kenslir's past will show up as well- one he's not sure he can trust, but who will hold the key to finding and stopping Tezcahtlip once and for all.

Look for BLOOD AND STONE at, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords October 1st.

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