Thursday, August 6, 2015


Sadly, Shadow Raiders, a new, Stone Soldiers-spin off series, is delayed. Again. In its place, look for a series of four new short stories in the coming months. 

SPELLBREAKER--a tale of 1960s dark espionage set in Africa, pitting an American super-soldier, a Knight Templar and a Voodoo Warlord against one another in a three-way conflict of supernatural proportions.

SATAN'S SERVERS--When America's top-secret A.I. discovers a modern cult using the new Internet to slaughter innocents around the world in 1999, it's time to call in the troops--the monster-slaying troops of Detachment 1039.

BLOOD TRAITOR--After being turned into a vampire the night before starting her medical residency, a 1970s college student embarks on the adventure of a lifetime--hunting the undead as part of a team of secret super-soldiers. 

X-PONENT--When a band of costumed parahumans begin a campaign of domestic terrorism in the mid 1990s, the military unleashes their greatest super soldier to hunt them down and eliminate each and every one--even if it means killing America's greatest hero, the Sentinel of Liberty. 

Look for these shorts, one per month, from August through November, revealing more of the origins of the Stone Soldiers and the world they live in. Exclusively on Kindle!

Look for Shadow Raiders Fall 2015, and Winters' Fury (Stone Soldiers #12) Winter 2015-16.

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