Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Continuing a series of prequel short stories from the life and career of Spellbreaker and Super-soldier Mark Kenslir comes SATAN'S SERVERS, a tale of supernatural cyber crime set in 1999!

1997--America's secret Artificial Intelligence network, MAX, has discovered something impossible: someone is using the new Internet to murder innocents around the world by manipulating connected computer systems. But definitively defeating a faceless hacker is beyond the stationary super-computer's abilities, so he summons some parahuman help: Detachment 1039, America's answer to the forces of darkness waging an unending war on mankind. Can a super soldier track down the source of those orchestrating onerous, online orgies of death, or will the World Wide Web prove too much for immortal warrior Mark Kenslir?

Coming exclusively to Kindle, September 2015!

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