Friday, February 20, 2015

Stone Cold Savings!

Stone Soldiers is slashing prices this chilly season.

For a limited time, get books 2, 3, 4, & 5 for only $.99! As always, book 1, Mythical,  is free on Kindle, iTunes and Kobo.

As Colonel Mark Kenslir rebuilds the Stone Soldiers and trains a new generation of super soldiers to fight the forces of Darkness, the shapeshifter Ketzkahtel returns from the dead. And this time, he's not alone.

When the last shapeshifter flees to Mexico, posing as the Blood God Kukulcan, it's up to the Stone Soldiers and their new vampire ally to stop the carnage and prevent America's Southernmost neighbor from slipping into all-out civil war.

A mystery man from Mark Kenslir's past has returned from the dead, raising a spectral army to help him get revenge on the contry tha betrayed him. The Stone Soldiers find themselves battling an army that is already dead on the doorstep of the nation's capitol.

It's Hell on Earth when a coven of conspiring corporate witches bring down a pre-historic artificial satellite. To stop ancient demi-gods eager to return to power, Colonel Kenslir must turn to a mysterious immortal priest for help while evading his own team sent to stop him.

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