Friday, February 6, 2015


One month into 2015, and no word from the men of stone. Until now.

Currently, Book 11, One Dark Step, is massively behind schedule but should be out before the March full moon. 

Print copies of Book 10, A Lucky Day to Die, will be forthcoming in March as well.

Mythical, book 1 in the series is now available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Narrated by Darren Todd, it's 5.something hours of series-launching fun. 

For an audio flashback to the past, there's also a reading of Stone Soldier, the first prequel short story to the series, over at the Thrillers and Mysteries site by JD Core. It's a fantastic site that offers short stories as read by Mr. Core--something new every Monday.

In the coming week, look for an audio contest, as Stone Soldiers will give away not one, but five digital downloads of the Mythical audiobook. Details and the form of contest entry are being worked out now. Unfortunately, the codes will only work for US and UK listeners, but the good news is that's five US and 5 UK listeners, for a total of 10.

What's ahead for the Stone Soldiers?

To be honest, sales have ebbed after the launch of Amazon's great Unlimited service. As a frequent user of Netflix, I can't complain too much. Getting unlimited anything for a small monthly amount is AWESOME. But that means less advertising dollars to promote the series. Meaning there's going to be less Stone Soldiers this year. 

Currently, the plan is to finish the first 12 novel arc, with One Dark Step in March, then Winters' Fury July 4th. In the final, 12th novel, all the villains, side characters and groundwork laid out since 2012 in the series will come together with a slam-bang finale that will shake things up and change the future for many members of Detachment 1039.

Whether the series will continue beyond #12 is up to you, the readers. That is, if sales don't keep falling, more stone soldiers will be written. Currently, I have notes and plans for at least six more, and the beginnings of another 12 novel arc. 

Fear not though, as while the Stone Soldiers series may be fading away, the characters won't. Coming in June 2015, look for an all-new spin-off series featuring Colonel Kenslir and some of his team taking the fight against the supernatural into the shadows. Instead of waiting for evil to strike, this new series will pit the Detachment and some new allies against the darkest of mythical beings, eliminating Dark threats before they can reach Earth. it's alternate realities, super soldiers and black magic in an all new series, with two volumes in 2015. More details and a spin-off site to come soon, so stay tuned. 


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