Friday, May 23, 2014

Spot the Error, Win a Book

Announcing a new, ongoing contest at Stone Soldiers--that can win you free books.

Errors--every book has them, no matter who edits them. Pesky little typos, missing words or even misspellings. They're an unavoidable part of writing that most readers simply pass by. But now YOU have the chance to help stamp out the errors and make Stone Soldiers better.

Here's how it works: spot an error in a Stone Soldiers book or short and be the first to report it and you'll win the next book or short in the series as a digital copy.

Simply report the error here at Stone Soldiers (either in the comments section for the book or on the new Error Contest page) or email your report to, and if you're the first to spot the error, you'll have your choice of a free download code through, or a digital pdf copy emailed to you of the next book in the series.

(Limit on prize per book--you can report more than one error, but you'll only be rewarded with one book/short for each book/short you correctly report has errors).

When reporting, type out the entire sentence containing the error, then give a brief explanation, using the following format:

"He ran fast--enough to catch up, but not fast enough to arouse suspicion." (Missing word). Should read: "He ran fast--fast enough to catch up, but not fast enough to arouse suspicion."

Note that some characters will speak "incorrectly" on purpose and that grammar rules may be broken in the series for dramatic effect.

As always, thank you for supporting Stone Soldiers, and good hunting!

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