Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Filling the Void After Fringe

It's a terrible time for SFF fans- yet another wonderful series has ended. Fringe is no more.

The impact of that didn't really hit me yet- I just discovered Fringe a few months ago when the Science Channel started rerunning it. But now I'm hooked. It's everything I liked about Kolchak, X-Files, Smallville and Lost. Episodic mysteries, all linking toward a greater story.

Supernatural will soon join that list. It's in its eighth season- statistically speaking, it's bound to get cancelled within the next couple of years. Then what will we do?

It dawned on me the other day that my own book series, Mythical, might fit the bill. It's episodic, in that each book lays the foundation for a larger story, but is also a self-contained episode of supernatural mystery. Much like Murphy & Sapir's awesome Destroyer series (which is making its return this year!)

Mythical has science fiction. It has horror. It has action. It has soldiers, monsters, and even teenagers. It just doesn't have readers. Which sucks. Not because I couldn't just find something else to write that people might enjoy, but because I like episodic SFF like this. I need something Kolchakish in it's structure. Maybe the new Destroyer novels, or the new Destroyer spin off (Legacy) will work.

In any event, if you like Fringe, X-Files, etc, check out Mythical. It's more of the same.

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