Sunday, January 20, 2013

Alphas is cancelled? Mythical Lives on...

Fans of the Syfy show ALPHAS got  real kick in the teeth this past week- their show has been cancelled.

It shouldn't hve been a surprise- any show with male leads that builds a strong audience seems to go under the axe at Syfy, the channel by womyn, for womyn. No seriously. Look at their track record. Stargate, Farscape, Tremors, Eureka... Syfy has an annoying habit of killing great shows with large followings. And replacing them with reality TV.

Alphas was a great show. It used a time-tested set up: elderly leader teaches folks with special abilities to use them in the ame of the greater good. We've seen it before, and we'll likely see it again. And if it's on Syfy, it'll get cancelled again.

In the meantime, I suggest any ALPHAS fan fill that void with something Mythical...


When you think about it, the two are very similar. Mythical is a series of pulp-styed novels about a military unit fighting the supernatural to protect America. Alphas was a TV series about people working for the government, fighting the paranormal to protect America.

Alphas had an elderly scientist who helped those with special abilities to control them. Mythical has an immortal Cold Warrior who is molding the next generation of supersoldiers.

Alphas had the super strong Bill, the never-misses soldier, the telepathicish pusher, the hyper sensed investigator, the boy who communicates with computers and a girl who can learn anything.  Mythical has telepaths, precogs, postcogs, astral projectors, werewolves, vampires and soldiers turned to living stone.

But best of all, Mythical can't be cancelled by the Syfy executives. It'll continue on as long as people keep reading. So hang in there ALPHAS fans, until the next show comes around, switch to reading. With three books out and three more in 2013, Mythical is just beginning.

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