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Book of Stone: Valhalla

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First Appearance:  Shadow Raiders

Description:  Capital city of the planet Asgard

Last Known Status: Captured by US Forces in 2015

Originally thought to be the stuff of myth and legends, the city of Valhalla was discovered in 2015 after a wyrmhole leading to the planet Asgard was discovered in Greenland. Ruled by the Fallen Angel Aurgel through his avatar Odin, Asgard's population appeared centered around the Ymir Crater, located in the Northern Hemisphere of the planet. Valhalla, the capital of Asgard's Fellish settlements, lays midway between the center of the massive crater, and the outermost edge. 

Valhalla is constructed around Odin's Throne, a stone megalithic structure built in a style very similar to that of the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico. The city itself is comprised of ring of battlements and fortress walls of varying ages and styles, and stone and wooden structures within the walls.

Travel from Valhalla to the wyrmhole network of Yggdrasil is by means of a simple dirt road that runs parallel to the river Hvelgemir, which originates in the epicenter of the Ymir Crater. 

Following the events of Operation COLD FLARE in 2015, U.S. Forces established a base of operations in Valhalla, seizing the massive fortress-city. The roof of Odin's Throne, the size of several football fields, serves today as a helicopter gunship base, ensuring the remaining Fellish population does not interfere with the further exploration of Asgard.

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