Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Free Today on Kindle: SPELLBREAKER

A Stone Soldiers prequel short story...

Agent John Ash is about to meet an American Secret Weapon: the Spellbreaker. A shadowy figure able to resist detection even by the greatest British magic, the Spellbreaker is a whispered legend in the halls of power in England, rumored to be more fiction than fact. But when one of Her Majesty's Templars is sent to Africa to find out what is happening to British citizens, Ash learns the Spellbreaker is real, and more terrifying than anyone ever imagined. 

Can a Knight of the Crown, sworn to defend Britain from the darkest magics of the 20th Century work side-by-side with a monstrous, unstoppable super-soldier long enough to unravel a savage mystery on the Dark Continent, or will a showdown between supposed allies spark the end of American-British cooperation?

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