Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Sneak Peak of 2015

Wonder what's ahead for the Stone Soldiers? Will the series continue on into 2015? Well, that depends on readers. As long as you keep buying, I'll keep writing.

Here's a look at what books 13 and beyond might be like. Feel free to offer up comments and questions in the comments, or just say which titles you'd like to see first!

When a rich oil baron in the Middle East decides to fund some supernatural terrorism, he turns to the writings of a long-dead Englishman. Now a supernatural formula for disaster is falling into the hands of zealots only too ready to get their monster on and wreak superhuman havoc around the world.

The Hippocratic Oath has long been a pledge by physicians and healers around the world to do what they can for the sick and injured. But where do psychic surgeons fall on the subject? If you had the power to heal, would you be inclined to help or to harm? A body of stone might be impervious to the weapons of war, but it may not stop a faith healer with the power to cure or to curse.

They're called Draugrs, Nordic spirits feared by even the Vikings. Part ghost, part vampire, all evil. When a Draugr awakens in the modern era, the Stone Soldiers will travel to the Arctic Circle and find that the fiercest warriors of all don't rely on just cold steel.

Many have heard of the Bermuda Triangle and its Asian twin, the Dragon's Triangle, but there is one remote place on the globe that no one has heard about, because if you go there, you will never return. This remote island, far from the shores of any human settlements, is home to human and demon alike. But is it a dark fortress where the supernatural torment the living, or a prison for the most evil beings in history?

A stone soldier may be a formidable enemy for the dark beings of the world, but imagine what a man made of metal could do. When an army of bronze beasts rise up in Europe and begin a campaign of death and destruction, the Stone Soldiers have to take on a resurrected legend from the ancient past--mass-produced by an industrial wizard of the modern era!

Look for these and other titles in the Stone Soldiers series in 2015, in digital and print editions!

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