Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A plea for sales

Authors try many ways to sell their novels. Ads on websites, kickstarters, promotional giveaways, even attending conventions. They do this to succeed, to bring attention to their work.

For me, writing is a career I hope to switch to in the coming years--putting my time in depressing criminal justice behind me and entertain people. So making sales puts me closer to writing full time.


Today, I'm asking for your purchase to help me stay afloat. Lady Luck is a fickle bitch and she's putting the screws to my family. Nothing life threatening, just costly repairs as one thing after another breaks and has to be repaired in a rather fictional-sounding turn of events. It's like something out of a bad movie.

First there was waking up to a furnace out. Brrrr. Mildly annoying and troublesome, but nothing a vacation day off work, a $40 part and some elbow-grease couldn't fix. Ha! Suck it, Lady Luck.

Whoops, shouldn't have cursed her. Next day she cut my brakeline. Well, it was rusted, on a 20 year old car I refuse to get rid of until I've squeezed every last mile I can out of it. I avoided death and a fender bender when the line burst and I lost all my fluid with each pedal push. Again, a couple of days off (this time my weekend writing schedule), $20 worth of new line and some fittings, my father-in-law's expert help (and heated garage) and voila! The Rustyota drives again!

Suck it, Lady Luck!

Oh, er, ha, ha! I was just kidding, Lady Luck. No seriously--I was joking. Don't you watch Psych! ? That's their catch phrase, "suck it", that they lovingly use on others. I didn't mean nothin by-

Crap. Did you have to put a hole in my water heater? I mean, do you know how hard those are to change? Plus, mine's in the basement! I'm no spring chicken! I don't want to lug this bastard up the steps in winter... Couldn't you have killed the dishwasher or a window or something...?

So there you have it loyal readers. I need sales because I need your money. Lord only knows what's breaking next. I know, if I was playing music, it'd be easier to toss me a coin. But c'mon! The Stone Soldiers series is supernatural awesome fun and cheap at only $2.99 for 50,000 words! Read the reviews! (The good ones, the bad ones are bitter people who just don't get pulp).

Buy a Stone Soldier adventure today! Spread the word and help a hard working author!




  1. Alright, I think I will bite. I read Stone Soldiers #1 and will see where #2 takes me. Good luck.

  2. #2 is much better than #1. For one, i actually started with a screenplay. That makes the pacing a bit different. Plus the whole TWO shapeshifters plot is just better.