Wednesday, December 18, 2013


A new year is just around the corner, and the Stone Soldiers will return.

After meeting my own goal for readership in 2013, I've decided to extend the Stone Soldiers at least one more year, in the form of at least three more pulp-horror adventures and one new spinoff book that will be lighter on the horror and heavier on the pulpiness.

Stone Soldiers #7, Seven Deadly Sons
Currently still in the outlining phase, Book 7 will see the Stone Soldiers tracking down a furry enemy intent on slaying senior citizens--Nazi Werewolves operating from a remote base, hungry for revenge on the Nazi Hunters that kept the Fourth Reich from ever forming. Hopefully completed for a February release.

Stone Soldiers #8, Terrorcota
Little more than a premis now, Book 8 will feature a mad Chinese General steals ancient imperial secrets from the bowels of the Forbidden City and plans to trigger a war with the U.S.. Chief among his supernatural weapons: a bomb capable of turning humans to clay statues. Look for this one in May or June 2014.

Stone Soldiers #9, Pale Horseman
Again, its early in the outline phase, but this one will feature Soviet super soldiers, an underground city and Centaurs.

For the spinoff, 2014 will have at least one book in a new Kingdoms of Perdition trilogy. Tentatively titled Shadow of Perdition, Book 1 will take some of the Stone Soldiers team to an alternate reality ruled by demons, where most humans are slaves forced to do manual labor. Featuring cowboys, dinosaurs, steamships and more, the Kingdoms of Perdition will run longer than a Stone Soldiers novel and feature a lot more of the exploratory adventure pulp is so well known for as a new world is added to the Stone Soldiers universe.

Want to see more? Spread the word. With two worlds to choose from, Stone Soldiers is a big universe, with lots of possible foes and plenty of story telling potential. The series can only continue if people keep reading.

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