Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Used by U.S. Special Forces today, the MK23, Mod 0 handgun is a .45 caliber weapon designed for Special Operations use, built by H&K. Based on previous H&K models (the VP 70z, P-9 and P-7) the handgun incorporates a variety of features and precision manufacturing.
The match-grade pistol was adopted by SOCOM in the 1990s and incorporates a laser aiming module and removable suppressor. It also features a twelve-round magazine, expanding the MK 23's ammo capacity to thirteen- a significant inprovement over the M1911's 7+1 (seven round magazine, plus one chambered round).
The pistol features an ambidextrous safety and magazine release, and a decocking lever on the left side of the weapon. The magazine release is larger than some other handguns, to accomodate users' gloves. The pistol is waterproof and corrosion resistant.
The MK 23 further offers excellent accuracy, able to make a 2-inch group at 50 yards. It can also use a wide variety of .45 caliber ammunition, including .45 +P ammo, which packs more punch than a standard .45 ACP round.
In Stone Soldiers, the MK 23 is the back up weapon for most, the main sidearm for others. When used in conjunction with the H&K UMP-45, the Mk23 offers a common ammunition for light targets, such as paranatural humans.

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