Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Like any tool, there are a wide variety of different designs for the knife. Some are for cutting, some for skinning, some for stabbing. Knives have been an integral part of a soldier’s kit for many centuries.
The Bowie Knife is a multi-tool of sorts, designed in the 1800s for the famous explorer/adventurer Jim Bowie. The knife rose to popularity after the Sandbar Knife fight.

A Bowie knife is wider than most other knives of the time- it is able to be used to chop wood, and it has a clip point ideal for stabbing. Modern Bowies often incorporate a serrated or sawtooth edge on the top of the blade, further adding to the knife’s versatility.

Most modern US Military forces use the M9 Bayonet as a knife. While similar to a Bowie, the M9  is more designed for use as a stabbing weapon, attached to the end of a rifle, or as a simple knife.

The Stone Soldiers need something considerably more durable. A Bowie knife with its wide, heavy blade, available in lengths rivaling the gladius of ancient times. The Bowie can be thrown, used to slash or stab opponents, and is of thick enough construction to withstand the heavy abuse a superhuman soldier might inflict upon it while dispatching monsters.

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